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Outback and Camel Safari, Horseback Riding, City and Hiking Tours in Los Cabos

Cabo Adventures - Camel Safari

The Outback & Camel Safari is and unforgettable eco-adventure. Taken by Unimog trucks in small groups into the heart of the Baja desert to Rancho San Cristobal, just north of Cabo San Lucas. You will enjoy interacting with knowledgeable guides, eat delicious local cuisine and of course take an exciting camel tour along the beach. These gentle giants will take you on a fun and unique caravan through the desert and across the golden sand beach along the Pacific. Keep your eye out for whales during the winter months! Cost: $99 per adult & $70 per child (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

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Cuadra San Francisco Horse Tours

Francisco J. Barrena M. - established Cuadra San Francisco in Los Cabos in the early 90's. He is a Master Horseman and Professional Horse Trainer with more than 40 years of experience, internationally well known and respected. Cuadra San Francisco - is a family owned and operated Equestrian Center with over fifty horses offering outstanding Trail Rides. Rates: $100usd per person per hour, please inquire about private tour rates.

One hour Trail Ride- desert trail rides to the hills of Cabo Real to see the Great Thorn Forest or along a beautiful beach.
Two hour Trail Ride- ride in the desert where you'll experience many mysteries and rugged beauty. Pass through the Arroyo San Carlos or Venado Blanco viewing awe inspiring rock formations and narrow canyons. It is like you are in a cowboy movie!

Two hour Mixed Trail Ride -One hour to the beach and one hour to the hills of Cabo Real: Private Trail Ride - Any of our trail rides can be a private ride, just your group and one of our guides

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Pacific Beach Horseback Tours

Discover spectacular ocean side cliffs, lush desert ranges, private untouched beaches and canyon trails in a Pacific Beach Horseback Ride.

Horseback Riding is the perfect way to enjoy the tranquility of the desert while contemplating the magnificent scenery and landscape. Just short drive from your villa will take you to Rancho Carisuva along the mighty Pacific Ocean. At this ranch you will receive an orientation on the proper way to ride a horse and each participant will be assigned a horse adequate to their skill level. You will also have free time to explore a typical Baja Californian ranch with 43 horses, goats, chickens, a friendly donkey, a fresh water well and a traditionally built desert hut (Baja California style).

Hop on and follow your guide for a glimpse into Baja's contrasting terrain where along your ride, you will see cactus over 20ft high towering over the trail, wild animals, exotic desert flora and incredible views. Stops will be made along the way to teach you about the desert flora and fauna as well as a stop at a look out point over the Pacific Ocean. Don't forget your camera as the sights on this tour are one of a kind.

From January through March keep an eye out towards the ocean as the migrating whales come so close to shore that you can smell their spray. Cost: $75 per person standard tour $80 per person safari tour (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

Los Cabos Guided Desert Hiking Tours

Hike through the canyons of Sierra La Laguna traversed by indigenous people hundreds of years ago, where increased levels of rainfall create a unique biosphere. Dive and swim in the secluded natural springs and waterfalls surrounded by incredible granite rock formations and impressive wildlife. Journey to the past as you learn the wonderful history of Baja California Sur at the local ranchos and explore for fossils. It is an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Hiking Tour Description Cost: $125 per person (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

Burro Hiking Tour for Nature Lovers

At Rancho Carisuva you will be guided be and experienced naturalist through one of the most breathtaking scenery encountered in all of the Baja. Stopping at strategic points of interest you will be given a detailed description of the untouched flora and fauna that waits beyond the beaten path of the desert.

Burro Hiking Tour Cost: $75 per person (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

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San Jose del Cabo Art Walk and Organic Market Tour

Would you really like to get to know the natural and cultural essence of Los Cabos? Discover the amazing endemic flora and fauna of our principal oasis the San Jose Estuary along with its immense cactus variety. Learn about the delightful history of downtown San Jose del Cabo. Experience the delicious organic gastronomy the area has to offer and view the artistic creations of locals, nationals and internationals alike, in a warm and friendly environment.

San Jose City and Organic Market Tour Cost: $65 per person (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

We all agree that cultural events such as art walks, represent a magnificent opportunity to admire and acquire works of art. The galleries found on this tour are recent productions and of a world class level, there is a broad selection of styles to satisfy all tastes. In a very relaxed atmosphere, the "walkers", may choose to purchase or simply appreciate the quality of the works shown whilst savoring a glass of wine. At the same time enjoy a night stroll through the beautiful streets of San Jose del Cabo where the only rule is to enjoy yourselves.

San Jose Art Walk Cost: $65 per person (rates are in USD$ and do not include tax or gratuities).

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