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7 Ideas for a Perfect Easter Vacation in Cabo

After the December holidays and long, cold winter months, Spring is the time when we have finally another opportunity to take a break and enjoy some family time. Did the warm beaches of Cabo, Mexico, cross your mind during your research for your next beach getaway? We can’t blame you, Baja’s weather is just perfect for this time of year, and there’re so many things to do in Cabo in spring, be it if you’re coming down with your family or with your friends.

For many people, Easter Season is the first chance of the year to enjoy a vacation break. Los Cabos is a fantastic beach destination where everyone can have fun no matter their age. From a beautiful beach day to a rush of adrenaline, we have picked fun vacation ideas for your family during your Easter Vacation in Cabo. Easter time in Mexico can be a little bit different from what you are used to. Mexicans have their special traditions for this holiday season (you can read about them in our article here). So, what to do during your Easter Vacation in Cabo? Let’s begin:

1. Egg hunt at the beach

Keeping traditions is always important. The egg hunt activity is so much fun for the kids, but how about giving it a more exciting twist and take advantage of the beautiful beaches in Cabo? Choose your favorite beach and start this new tradition, have some Easter fun in the sun playing along in the sand with the gentle waves of the Sea of Cortez as a background. Just don’t forget to bring a sunscreen and a hat.

2. Sunset cruise

Enjoy the best of the Sea of Cortez on a family cruise tour in the afternoon. The fresh breeze and ocean winds will get you in a good mood. From our experience, an afternoon on the boat, enjoying Cabo from the sea, is unique for everyone. The chance to enjoy a sunset view floating on the water is a natural spectacle that we all love to enjoy. There’re several choices of companies to choose from the ocean tours, and we’ll be glad to help choose the perfect one for you, depending on whether you want to enjoy a family trip or a fun afternoon with friends.

3. Art Walk San Jose del Cabo

Every Thursday night, San Jose del Cabo shows the best work of local artists, painters, sculptors and photographers starting at the central plaza of the Historic Center. Enjoy a pleasant time walking around town through the picturesque small streets and discover some of the best art galleries and beautiful and cozy restaurants and boutiques that invite us to enjoy a beautiful night. The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk brings a peaceful atmosphere to town with local artists playing music regularly.

Photo: Art Gallery Enrique Bascon, Art Walk San Jose del Cabo

4. Bungee jumping or any other desert activity

How about adding new adventures to your 2016 Bucket List? Dare to live a family day full of exciting adventures; Los Cabos has fantastic locations for you to enjoy the best of ecotourism activities whether you want to enjoy them in the water or desert. There are special activities for kids too, always remembering, safety first! (see full list of desert activities here)

Photo: Zipline, Wild canyon

5. Family dinner in town

Los Cabos is a well-known culinary destination for all the different cuisine styles you can enjoy in town; we can help you pick the best for you and your family; Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai or Mediterranean, you name it. Most of the local restaurants focus on a family friendly atmosphere with specials kids menu so everybody can enjoy a very enjoyable night in Cabo.

6. Surfing class for the entire family

If you want to try something new and have an unforgettable family experience, we recommend a surfing class for the whole family. Surf instructors offer different class levels, and with some instructions and a little practice, everyone can learn how to surf! Enjoy this activity in the calm waters of Cerritos beach on the Pacific side or in Acapulquito on the Sea of Cortez side; you will easily see why these spots are the favorite for surfers from around the world.

Photo: Surf lessons High Tide Los Cabos

7. Mexican cooking class for the family in your villa

One of the many things, why people fall in love with Mexico, is for its extraordinary cuisine. Luckily, Mexicans love to share their culinary secrets. Learn how to cook some of the most delicious dishes with the help of a local chef at your villa. This a super fun activity and you can encourage your family to all learn together and enjoy a really good homemade meal. After your vacations, you’ll always be able to recreate the meal you learned to prepare in Cabo, and bring back the memories of the good times.

>> For more information on Easter and Spring Break activities in Los Cabos and Baja, or if you have any other inquiry about Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals or property management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to help! Email us at or call us at: USA Toll Free: 888-264-1827, USA: 619-819-6178, or Mexico: 624-105-9100.

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