7 Best San Jose del Cabo Beaches

Continuing with our selection for Best of Cabo and selection of our favorite beaches in Los Cabos, today we would like to share with you the beautiful San Jose del Cabo beaches, all the way to La Playita.  Along this area there are some of the most famous surf spots of Los Cabos, which mostly get good swells during the summer months.

1. El Tule


Playa El Tule is a quiet and secluded sandy beach in Los Cabos Corridor, mostly used for sun bathing and some swimming, but can be, from time to time and if the weather allows it, a good surf spot.  Lately it has become a popular place for SUP as well, however, because there are scattered boulders in the water, all who swim, SUP or surf must keep a sharp eye out.  Located in the corridor it’s closest reference is Chileno. You access the beach at Los Tules bridge.


2. Palmilla Beach


*Palmilla beach by Pierre Omidyar


Beautiful crescent shaped Palmilla Bay is the perfect beach to enjoy with your family.  It is perhaps the best swimming beach near San Jose del Cabo.  You pretty much can swim or snorkel at any point of it, there are also boat charters or fishing pangas for hire available in the beach.  Relax and watch the anglers r