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7 Best San Jose del Cabo Beaches

Continuing with our selection for Best of Cabo and selection of our favorite beaches in Los Cabos, today we would like to share with you the beautiful San Jose del Cabo beaches, all the way to La Playita. Along this area there are some of the most famous surf spots of Los Cabos, which mostly get good swells during the summer months.

1. El Tule

Playa El Tule is a quiet and secluded sandy beach in Los Cabos Corridor, mostly used for sun bathing and some swimming, but can be, from time to time and if the weather allows it, a good surf spot. Lately it has become a popular place for SUP as well, however, because there are scattered boulders in the water, all who swim, SUP or surf must keep a sharp eye out. Located in the corridor it’s closest reference is Chileno. You access the beach at Los Tules bridge.

2. Palmilla Beach

*Palmilla beach by Pierre Omidyar

Beautiful crescent shaped Palmilla Bay is the perfect beach to enjoy with your family. It is perhaps the best swimming beach near San Jose del Cabo. You pretty much can swim or snorkel at any point of it, there are also boat charters or fishing pangas for hire available in the beach. Relax and watch the anglers returning with their catch (it has been the prime spot for fishermen in Los Cabos since the early days of the town). This is a very popular beach among local families during Sundays. There are no too many services except for shade palapas.

To fully enjoy this beach and the amenities of the lush & luxurious Palmilla we recommend you to stay at Casa Oceano, Luxury Villa Collection vacation villa in Palmilla.

3. Acapulquito Beach

*Acapulquito beach by Carlos Alcocer

One of the most popular beaches in San Jose among young people and beginner surfers. The surf spot is commonly known as Old Man’s and refers to the speed & strength of the wave. In this beach you can hire surfing lessons from Mike Doyle’s surf school or one of my favorites: to enjoy breakfast at 7 seas restaurant while watching the early morning surfers.

4. Costa Azul Beach

*Zippers surf spot at Costa Azul beach (just before the storm) by Ana Carrington

During summer head to Costa Azul for great surfing. The surf break north of the arroyo is known as Zipper’s and is for the more advanced and local surfers. If you are an intermediate level surfer you might want to try “The Rock” spot, which sits in between Costa Azul and Acapulquito, pretty easy to locate, just look for the wave which forms right off a rock in the middle of the ocean. There is not much services beside couple of shade palapas on the beach, there is also a surf rental equipment cabin right on the beach from the Costa Azul surfshop which is located in front of Costa Azul but in the other side of the highway. After a good surfing session you might want to enjoy a margarita and a good dinner at Zipper’s restaurant while watching the waves under the sunset light.

If you want to have absolute control over the breaks of Costa Azul and Acapulquito stay at Villa Vista del Mar, within luxury residential communityQuerencia. It has an overview of all the surfspots and whenever you see the right swell aproaching you can get to the beach by foot! Yes, querencia is right across “El Mirador” which is located between Costa Azul and Acapulquito beaches.

5. Presidente Hotel Beach

This mile long beach expanse runs along the south side of the San Jose del Cabo estuary ending at the Las Mañanitas condos on the south. There are plenty of Hotels & Resorts nested in this beach which generates a populated daily beach life, you can practice some beach volleyball or even take a nice horseback ride along the beach. At sunset it is not rare to see locals having gatherings & music with friends here.

6. Estuary Beach

Beginning right at the East end of the Presidente Hotel Beach in San Jose del Cabo, you will find the famous Estuary of San Jose. In this freshwater lagoon you can find over three hundred and fifty species of wildlife and lush vegetation. Fed by underground aquifers, the river and lagoon are one of the few oases in the otherwise nearly desolate lower Baja peninsula. Recently there has been huge awareness among locals and authorities to preserve this oasis and to invest in its conservation as it is also a focal point of the natural touristic attraction of Los Cabos. There is a nice surf spot in this beach called “La Bocana” and is intended for intermediate to advanced surfers.

There is no better place to enjoy the natural wonders of San José as also it’s rich cultural heritage as Alegranza penthouse with great views of San Jose and its Hotel Beach. You cannot miss the sun rising in the estuary from this penthouses… It’s simply breath taking!

7. La Playita Beach

One of the oldest beaches of Los Cabos — and easily one of its best — is La Playita, now inside the new Puerto Los Cabos development it features a safe, roped-off swimming area inside the harbor entrance, as well as a natural beach, where you can swim, tan, or fish. This area has been a traditional fishing area for the San Jose locals, so is not strange to see the boats coming back with the catch of the day and you can even buy it straight from the fishermen. If the newest Puerto Los Cabos is your option, stay at Casa Dezara.

Puerto Los Cabos

At the end of our selection of our favorite and honestly some of the best San Jose del Cabo beaches, we’d like to share with you some beach tips before visiting any of the beaches in Los Cabos:

– There are no lifeguards here, not even in the major hotel pools. Please try not to swim alone as nobody is going to come to your rescue. – Bring lots of sunblock, sunglasses, water, snacks, bathroom tissue, film, as well as a beach umbrella, snorkeling gear, sand toys, etc. – Help keep the beaches clean and beautiful. Please do not litter our beaches. Always take along a plastic trash bag for your trash. Also, consider picking up any trash left by other inconsiderate people and don’t forget to carry your trash out! – Certain Los Cabos beaches have seas with severe undertows, dangerous breakers, rip tides, or deep drop-offs close to shore. Pay attention to any warning signs. – Remember that it’s illegal to drive on beaches in Mexico. Environmental protectionism is growing in countries all over the world and one needs to be as sensitive here in Mexico as in the USA or Canada. In any country, a fuel spill from one’s boat or 4×4 on most beaches can result in stiff fines. – People often ask about nude beaches in Los Cabos. You have to understand that running naked on the beach is generally illegal in Mexico. However, there are some beaches where local customs permit or tolerate this activity. Please use your discretion and appropriate behavior.

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