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Baja Adventure: Hiking & Camping at Sierra de la Laguna

Looking for your next adventure in Baja California Sur? In this blog post, we’ll take you on one of the best tours designated for real explorers. Probably one of the most hidden and preserved treasures of Los Cabos area is Sierra de la Laguna mountain. It is also known as an “ecological paradise” because of its exceptional biodiversity and the importance as a natural source of water for the entire region of Baja California Sur.

Driving the highway between Los Cabos and La Paz or through the East Cape you can easily admire a high mountain range up north. This is the Sierra de la Laguna. Since 1994, it had been designated as a Natural Protected Area by UNESCO under the name of The Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de la Laguna, because of its great importance for the region and all the endemic nature that we can find there. To get a better picture, imagine this place as a green island in the middle of the desert, an authentic oasis with a maximum altitude of 6,857 ft ASL (2,090 meters) with 227, 832 hectares under protection.

This hidden paradise invites us to discover the wonders of mother nature, and live an authentic experience of adventurers. Even though this is a protected area, we can enjoy many eco-friendly activities, such a mountain biking, trekking, and camping. You can enjoy all these activities in the excursions and expedition tours to the Sierra de la Laguna, provided that you follow all the indications and rules of the area. Let yourself surrounded by nature and nothing else, enjoy one night under a thousand stars and be dazzled by the shine of the moon.

The Journey to the Sierra de La Laguna mountain To start the journey from Cabo San Lucas, you will find a dirt road exit near Todos Santos; this road will lead you to the start point of Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. Because this is a Protected Area, there are some rules you are obliged to follow. For a minimal fee, you will get a special bracelet as a permit to access this protected areas. Once you begin your journey, you will start walking through the dirt trails, and as you go all the way to the top, you can easily observe the amazing colors of nature at its best and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean coasts.

The pathway can be demanding and exhausting for some – we didi the tour in 8 hours with 3 stops. It all depends on your condition and your exercise habits, but don’t worry; the tour guides will adjust the tour to your group’s habits, wants and experiences. We can assure you that everyone will enjoy the trip, admire this rarely seen side of Baja, and feel the connection with nature.

Along the way to the top, you will find three resting spots; the first is called “El Aguaje.” This spot is located next to a little river, where you can hear the water running, and observe a little oasis. Coming more to the top, you find the second break “La Ventana”; an open area where you can rest and recover your energies. After this point, the views and vegetation will change completely because you’ll be almost at the top of the mountain range. The trees get taller than on the lower heights and the vegetation is more like a forest type.

The last resting spot is called “Zona de Nucleo.” Here you are welcomed to the top of the mountain range, where the pathway becomes easier and full of vegetation, big trees and of course the views keep getting better. We were stunned by the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the sun shining on its waves and the fine lines of the beaches that mark the end of the Baja. Following the path, you can easily find the camping areas. Starry night gets an entirely new dimension at Sierra de La Laguna, and the experience of hiking, camping and exploring Sierra de la Laguna is an absolutely fascinating experience from the start until your return.

Special recommendations: – Make sure to do this trip with an experienced guide. Our Luxury Villa Collections team will make sure your guides are well prepared and will be able to guide you safely throughout the trip. – Carry all you may need to make your camping trip the best, pack enough water, food, personal items and a safety kit. – It is important to have a pair of special hiking shoes and hiking sticks to make the trekking easier. – You may be checked by authorities, just to make sure you don’t carry things that can contaminate the environment. – It is highly recommended to plan for at least a 2-3 days long trip, so you can recover energies and have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas. – Pack special camping items and winter clothes, as it can get cold on the top of the mountain. – Dare to live this amazing experience and one of the most adventurous activities in Baja Sur!

>> For more information on activities in Los Cabos and Baja, or if you have any other inquiry about Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals or property management services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to help! Email us at or call us at: USA Toll Free: 888-264-1827, USA: 619-819-6178, or Mexico: 624-105-9100.

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