Baja Adventure: Hiking & Camping at Sierra de la Laguna

Looking for your next adventure in Baja California Sur? In this blog post, we’ll take you on one of the best tours designated for real explorers. Probably one of the most hidden and preserved treasures of Los Cabos area is Sierra de la Laguna mountain. It is also known as an “ecological paradise” because of its exceptional biodiversity and the importance as a natural source of water for the entire region of Baja California Sur.

Driving the highway between Los Cabos and La Paz or through the East Cape you can easily admire a high mountain range up north. This is the Sierra de la Laguna. Since 1994, it had been designated as a Natural Protected Area by UNESCO under the name of The Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de la Laguna, because of its great importance for the region and all the endemic nature that we can find there. To get a better picture, imagine this place as a green island in the middle of the desert, an authentic oasis with a maximum altitude of 6,857 ft ASL (2,090 meters) with 227, 832 hectares under protection.

This hidden paradise invites us to discover the wonders of mother nature, and live an authentic experienc