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5 Desert Activities in Los Cabos You Need To Try

Los Cabos is the perfect place for travelers looking to experience new things, with a wide variety of water activities that you can enjoy here the chances are infinite. But what about the land activities? Can you imagine riding the camel on a sandy beach in Los Cabos? Did you know that Los Cabos Canyon Bridge is the longest wooden pedestrian and ATV hanging bridge in the world?

Traveling to a place full of beautiful beaches gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean in unnumbered options. But if you’re looking for another kind of adventures and experiences, Los Cabos has it all for you as well! With its unparalleled location, this piece of paradise is located between two seas and makes an amazing combination of desert and sea, perfect to enjoy the adventure and rush of land activities.

Live your vacation to the fullest with the activities that “the other side” of Cabo has for you. Discover the beautiful desert landscapes, the extraordinary beauty of the natural rock formations and the wonderful sand dunes. In this blog post, we have selected the most exciting Land Activities to try in the Los Cabos. We hope you like them and encourage you to try them! Our Luxury Villa Collections concierges will be happy to organize them for you!

5 Desert Activities in Los Cabos You Need To Try

1. Hiking
Looking up north from Los Cabos, you will see the majestic Sierra de la Laguna, a place that invites you to enjoy a fantastic eco-tourism adventure. Hiking is the perfect way to explore the beauty of the mountain range of Sierra La Laguna, a worldwide known UNESCO biosphere reserve. Your guide will lead you along the canyon path to discover the amazing and famous waterfall that falls into a large natural pool where you can swim. This place a natural oasis that exists in the middle of the desert called “Canyon de la Zorra.”
2. ATVs
Enjoy the beauty of Los Cabos driving through the mountains, canyons and sand dunes. You can ride on a desert path where you can explore the surroundings and discover views that only Los Cabos can offer. At the amazing ATV tours, you can admire the desert nature of Baja and explore the beauty of this rugged environment, accept the challenge and live this adventure!
3. Camel Ride
Enjoy a unique tour that will make you feel like on a safari. The camel ride is an unforgettable eco-adventure in Cabo! Enjoy a ride along the beach, discovering the best of nature admiring the big waves crashing on the beach. You will be guided along the seashore in small groups in this exciting adventure and don’t worry about the sun, you’ll be taken care of with enough protection.
4. Zip line
Come and feel the real adrenaline in Cabo! Did you know that in Los Cabos we have Mexico’s longest, highest and fastest zip line? Setting in a beautiful and well-preserved oasis that is part of the UNESCO protected biosphere you’ll enjoy this experience to the fullest. Fall in love with the amazing views that Baja nature has to offer and enjoy the full view from above.
5. Mountain Biking
If you’re a pro or a first-time biker, you will enjoy the excitement of the Mountain Bike Adventure in Cabo. With expert guides, you will be set-up on an all-terrain bike fitted just for you. And after the basic instructions, you will enjoy a ride through the best of Baja California Peninsula nature, ride along cactus lines, tracks and discover hidden beaches overlooking the Pacific. You will be amazed by the extraordinary nature on “the other” side of the Baja.
Photos: Camel ride & Mountain bike tours, Zip Line & Longest Walking bridge, ATV tours, Canyon de la Zorra hiking.

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