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Whale Watching in Los Cabos, a Unique Experience of a Lifetime

Every year between December and March we traditionally welcome to Baja California Sur the colonies of whales who migrate from cold Bering sea in Alaska to the warm waters of Baja to feed, play, calve and mate. Los Cabos is one of the best whale watching locations in the world, as more than five whale species travel these waters on their yearly migration. The most common are Humpback and Gray whale, but it is not rare to see Blue whales, Sperm Whales and even Orcas. Accompanied by pods of dolphins, whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is a truly unforgettable experience, and just couple of minutes from the shore.


  • Whales travel from Bering sea in Alaska to warm Pacific Ocean waters of Baja 2-3 months, making on the average 8 km/hr (5mph) or 120 km (75 mi) per day.

  • This roundtrip of 16,000 – 22,000 km (5,000 – 6,000 miles) is the longest annual migration by any mammal.

  • Los Cabos is the only place in the world where you can see up to 5 baleen whale species!

During your stay, our concierge can easily help to plan a book your days on the water to watch nature. Whale watching can be accomplished with many local vendors however, Luxury Villa Collections suggests the use of Cabo Sails to safely guide you on your tour.

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